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All those who have belly fat have always one big question in their mind, as to how to reduce belly fat naturally or how do I reduce my belly fat quickly. Most of them have a feeling that, they have tried everything but nothing has worked for them. People having belly fat, usually resort to cutting down calories drastically, or do nearing to 100 sit ups daily or perform  cardio exercises to burn their belly fat.

If you have a feeling, you are not able to lose your belly fat, then you may be not following the right path. One need not perform endless sit-ups or starve themselves or take supplement or more worse opt for surgery to reduce belly fat.  Below you can find best ways, to lose belly fat naturally and fast.

Stop the crunches

Stop the crunches, it will not burn your belly fat, you will only waste your time and effort by doing around 100 crunches or more, each day.  The only benefit you get is, your stomach muscles will be strengthened, but your belly fat will not get burned.

Become stronger: When you undertake strength training, it will help build muscle mass and prevent muscle loss.  The Squats & Dead lift work really well to build strength. The Squats & Dead lifts do not burn your belly fat directly, but they help strengthen your abs and help lower your waist size.

Healthy eating

There is a popular saying, abs are built in kitchen. You must train hard and build your muscular abs, but if you start eating junk food throughout the day, you will not lose your pot belly fat. Hence, take a vow, that you will stop eating processed food and will only eat only healthy food and develop healthy food habits such as eating whole and unprocessed food such as

Veggies:  Broccoli, salad, spinach, cabbage and kale

Fruits: Oranges, apple, pineapple, pears and banana,

Fats: Fish oil, olive oil, real butter, nuts and flax seeds

Carbs: Brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta and quinoa

In reality, eating junk food is very helpful; you keep your hormones sharp, but do not overdo it though.

Limit Alcohol consumption

If you wish to lose your belly fat, you must give a thought as to what you drink is more important as to what you eat. If you consume Alcohol not quite often then it is ok, but if you drink it often, then you should forget about losing your belly fat.

Eat lesser quantity of Carbs

The Carbs are consumed to gain energy, the major problem is, many people eat more amounts of carbs then required for the body. Your body would start storing the Carbs, if it does not need as fat. And this is often how you get belly fat.

Do not starve

If you eat more amount of healthy foods, then you will not become fat, especially if you exercise for 2 to 3 times a week. If you starve, it would be mistake because if you starve, your body would burn muscle for energy instead of fat, hence try to follow belly fat diet and eat belly fat burning foods and also try to perform belly fat exercises.

Increase your protein intake

Protein produces a higher thermic effect when compared to other foods. Your body will start burning more energy processing proteins than while processing carbs and fat. Hence a high protein diet work really well, especially to burn your belly fat. The cheapest ten proteins include milk, sardines, cottage cheese, eggs, dried lentils, whole almonds, Quino and dried chick peas.

Eating fat will not make you fat

When you eat fat, you will not become fat, but instead it will help you lose fat.  Those who are mostly bothered as to how to lose fat for women fast or how to lose belly fat in a week, think in this way. Lack of exercise & bad nutrition will definitely make you fat.  Your body will stop stocking fat, when you regularly intake healthy fats.

Always stay Motivated

When you look yourself in the mirror, it offers you inaccurate feedback. What you must watch out is, whether you are influenced by food intake, self image issues, water retention. There are two things, you must do, one is, every two weeks try to measure your waist, if you are becoming stronger and healthier, your waist will go down fast and your pants will become a loser. The other thing, you must shoot pictures every two weeks, front, back and side. The side pictures would you show you the changes, if any.

Add Apple cider vinegar to your diet

Apple cider vinegar has lots of impressive health benefits and one of the top benefits is, it can aid lowering the blood sugar levels. A study was conducted for a period of three months on obese people, and results of the study were, that those who had about one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each day lost nearing half an inch from their waist.  

Go for smaller plates

Try to buy smaller plates and stop eating in dinner plates. The reason being, even if you fill your plate full, you will only be eating less when compared to the dinner plates.

Brush your teeth frequently

According to a recent Japenese study nearing to fourteen thousand people, it was has been found that, those men who often brushed their teeth were leaner when compared to those who did not. Probably the minty-fresh flavor, which makes people to snack less between the meals.

Study your mood

Most people want to snack often not because they are hungry, the reason could be result of loneliness, anxiety and depression. One should avoid emotional eating, if one finds themselves, having snacks   when they are down or when they feel happy, after a meal, there could lie a problem.

Calculate distance rather time

Walk or run for a designated distance rather than a designated time else you would be running a shorter distance and get tired; the end result would be burning less amount of calories.

Join a sports team

When you sign up for a sports team like soccer, basketball, kickball, kabaddi, you will automatically schedule yourself for an exercise session in a week and because you are part of the team, you will have definitely have peer pressure to play and help your team win.

Success breeds success

Last but very important point to consider, track your progress accurately so that you know whether there exists any progress, this will help you stay motivated to work towards achieving your goals.

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