Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal Men

Even if normal, excess body hair can be problematic for some men. With the latest technology, it is now possible to opt for laser hair removal for men to get rid of hair from full-on hair removal to a small patch that has been bothering you. Besides eliminating unwanted body hair, laser hair removal will also help you avoid usual hair removal side effects like ingrown hair and razor burns. Plus, it delivers permanent results. With more men throwing away their razors and switching to laser hair removal treatment to get smooth skin, let’s dive further to know more about it. Learn why laser hair removal for men is popular, why men prefer it, the areas of laser treatment, its benefits, and its cost.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

The laser beam targets the specific area in your skin to remove unwanted body hair and restrict it from growing back. When the laser light comes in contact with the melanin in your hair follicles, it creates a reaction, causing damage to the hair follicles. With time and after a couple of sessions, the hair grows back with a fine texture, and later on, stops growing totally [1]. As laser generally reacts with melanin present in the follicular level, this treatment is much more effective among males having darker hair when compared to their skin colour [2] [3]. However, the latest laser hair removal methods are available for people having lighter or dark [4] skin tones with fine hair texture.

Rise in Popularity of Laser Hair Removal Among Men

Men are keen to opt for laser hair removal procedure, as its popularity is increasing due to the following reasons:

1. Accurate and Pain-free

The results are accurate as laser hair removal for men is very precise. Laser sessions are quick and painless, as they eliminate the hairs in the active hair growth cycle phase in 20 to 30 minutes. Apart from mild swelling and redness, there is no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure.

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    2. Cost Effective

    Men must invest money in buying razors or hair removal products every month to flaunt smooth, hairless skin. But, the laser hair removal procedure is a one-time investment, which would cost you a couple of sessions but assures lasting results. Once the sessions are complete, you will have hair-free skin and save money on wax strips, razors, and hair removal creams.

    3. Saves Time

    There is no need to spend extra time removing the chest hair or eliminating the hairy legs look just before your beach vacation or important meeting, as laser hair removal assures lasting results.

    4. Safe for All Skin Types

    The latest advancements in laser hair removal technology have paved the way to treat people with varied skin types and hair textures. Whether it is sensitive or oily, laser treatments can do wonders for your skin to ensure hair-free results.

    5. Safe and Customizable

    Laser hair removal treatment is a safe procedure that can be customized to meet specific needs, like full back, legs, or chest strips alone. The laser sessions last between 20 to 40 minutes based on the treatment area, making it a convenient choice.

    Why Men Are Opting for Laser Hair Removal?

    Men are now embracing laser hair removal for various reasons. From enhanced athletic performance to preventing constant shaving, there are several reasons why men are considering laser hair removal, which include:

    1. Aesthetic Factor

    Men opt for laser hair removal procedures not because they wish to eliminate their body hair but to make it sparser or finer. Laser hair removal treatment is apt for men uncomfortable with excess hair growth in specific body regions.

    2. Hygiene

    “Manscaping,” or male hair removal using laser technology, helps keep irritation at bay. Some men prefer to choose laser procedures to decrease the itchiness and bushy-like look in their chest region, which can get intense and sweaty during the summer.

    3. Prevent Shaving

    With laser hair removal, men can bid goodbye to constant shaving, which can cause ingrown hairs and razor burns. Laser treatments follow a gentle approach to deliver clean results. Facial grooming sessions become quick and easier as there is less or no hair. It also helps prevent issues like recurrent folliculitis and pseudofolliculitis [5], which occur due to bacterial infection in hair follicles [6].

    Common Areas Treated by Laser in Men

    Some of the common areas in men which can benefit from laser hair removal are:

    • Shoulders & Back: Excess hair in your shoulders and back is hard to reach, which is why laser hair removal will be a perfect option. Get a beach-ready body to surf the waves without worrying about your grizzly hair.
    • Neck and Beard line: When you have had enough of pesky ingrown hairs and razor burns on the sensitive neck skin and beard line, switching to a laser procedure will be beneficial. Get a shapely beard with sharp edges without using the razor and make heads turn on every occasion.
    • Buttocks: Backside hair removal using laser technology will be beneficial to keep nagging issues like ingrown hairs and acne at bay.
    • Nether Areas: Some men prefer to have a clean body, including their nether regions, but removing hair on their own can be challenging and risky. This explains why they prefer laser treatment to eliminate body hair in the nether regions with highly sensitive skin.

    Top 8 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

    Most men, especially bodybuilders, athletes, and actors, prefer to consider laser hair removal for the following reasons, which include:

    1. No Hair Regrowth

    The best thing about opting for laser hair removal for men is that there are no incidences of your hair growing back with the same thickness and texture. Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal cuts down hair growth drastically by targeting the follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. Even if the hair grows back in some treatment areas, it will be scantier with a very fine texture.

    2. No More Ingrown Hairs

    Due to constant shaving or waxing, you might face reactions like ingrown hairs, which can be painful and cause irritation. Laser hair removal procedures will help lower the incidences of developing ingrown hairs by destroying the hair at its root.

    3. High Precision

    The laser beam used for the hair removal procedure is designed to target your hair follicles precisely while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. It is a perfect treatment to remove hair from areas like the shoulders, back, and chest, which might be difficult to access while shaving.

    4. Quick and Efficient

    Opting for laser hair removal will be very beneficial if you wish to eliminate unwanted hair from large areas in your body, like the chest, back, legs, or hands. Based on the area of the treatment site, the laser procedure will require from 15 minutes to an hour for hair removal.

    5. Stay Worry-free

    Once you have undergone the prescribed number of laser sessions for hair removal, you need not have any worries like daily maintenance or using special medications. You can flaunt your hair-free abs when getting a beach tan or enjoying a cruise with your loved one without worrying about hair regrowth. Plus, the results last for a long time.

    6. Enhanced Confidence

    If you have a huge amount of body hair, it is natural for you to feel embarrassed or develop self-consciousness when hanging out with your male buddies. The laser hair removal for men ensures your skin remains soft and hair-free, enhancing your self-esteem and confidence by offering long-lasting results.

    7. Bid Goodbye to Excess Sweat and Body Odour

    Body odour is a huge turnoff in personal relationships, as it can portray you as unclean. If you have sweaty armpits filled with hair, the sweat particles might get trapped leading to bacterial formation causing irritation and body odour. Laser treatment helps eliminate unwanted hair from your armpits, groin, and intimate areas to enhance personal hygiene and avoid irritation.

    8. Enhanced Facial Features

    It is now easy to flaunt a stunning side profile with a well-shaped beard and sideburns like your favourite cricketer or celebrity with laser hair removal for men. Have a well-defined beard and prevent ingrown hairs on your cheek and neck using laser therapy to look neat when meeting business clients or while on a romantic date.

    Laser Hair Removal for Men: Number of Sessions Required

    On average, men will need between 5 and 7 sessions based on factors like age, treatment area, and amount of body hair. After completing the prescribed number of sessions, you might have to use touch-up sessions once a year to maintain permanent results.

    Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Men

    The average laser hair removal cost for men at Kolors Healthcare will vary based on the treatment area. The cost will range between Rs. 5000 to 25,000 for different body parts requiring hair removal. For a complete price list, refer to our article Laser hair removal cost in India.


    Contact the skin experts at Kolors Healthcare today and schedule your laser session to flaunt smooth skin free from razor burns, ingrown hairs and unsightly body hair.


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