10 Key Benefits of Laser Toning Treatment

Laser Toning Treatment Benefits

Factors like changes in hormones, sun exposure, damage by free radicals, genetics, pollution, and overuse of chemical-based cosmetics can cause skin imperfections such as variation in texture and tone. Your skin might lack its sheen and lustre when it loses elasticity and develops wrinkles or enlarged skin pores due to dehydration and lack of care. You might also face various skin issues like hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, freckles, sun spots, and melasma [1]. If you want smooth and clear skin, opting for laser toning treatment will be beneficial. This remarkable technology is widely used to correct skin problems like fine lines, smoothened skin texture, uneven skin tone, dark underarms, acne scars, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation.

About Laser Toning Treatment

Laser toning is an effective and safe cosmetic procedure that helps correct several skin issues. It uses a low-strength laser beam to lower the melanin pigment in the deep skin layers to treat various skin disorders like hyperpigmentation. The low-intensity laser helps cut down melanin production and correct abnormalities related to pigment in your skin. Moreover, the laser toning procedure facilitates collagen production to enhance your skin elasticity and texture [2].

The laser toning procedure is an effective choice for treating chicken pox marks, wrinkles, melasma [3], fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. It also improves skin tone, brightens skin, and provides rejuvenated and plumper skin by enhancing elastin production. The laser toning treatment is performed by managing and controlling the skin pigmentation and alleviating excess melanin pigment. You might have to take several sessions of laser toning to achieve the desired effect on your skin.

Applications of Laser Toning Treatment

Laser toning treatment can be applied for the following conditions:

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    • Premature ageing concerns including fine lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles
    • Development of melanosis in and around the mouth and below the nose
    • Rectify development of skin blemishes like sun spots, liver spots, or brown spots [4]
    • Ideal for treating freckles, melasma, and birthmarks
    • Uneven pigmentation [5]
    • Birthmarks and scars on the skin
    • Enlarged pores on the nose
    • Effects of sun damage
    • Chicken pox marks and acne scars

    Benefits of Laser Toning Treatment

    From enhancing your skin’s collagen production to promoting skin texture, the benefits of laser toning procedures are vast. Some of the common ones are listed below.

    1. Helps Treat Blemishes

    If you have a tough time dealing with pimple or acne breakouts, which has scarred your facial skin, laser toning treatment will help in erasing these blemishes with time [6]. The beam of laser used in this procedure focuses on the targeted area filled with blemishes. It works on the superficial layers and penetrates through the layers to get rid of the marks [7].

    2. Non-invasive and Safe Procedure

    Laser toning treatment is painless and safe, as you will experience a mild heated or tingling sensation in the areas of treatment. This non-ablative laser treatment will not cause damage to your skin or tissues in the surrounding region. This procedure doesn’t have any side effects like permanent inflammation or bruising.

    Even after undergoing 5 to 7 sessions of laser toning, you might experience mild redness in the area of treatment, which will reduce after a couple of hours. You will not develop any serious side effects preventing you from performing everyday activities.

    3. Improves Collagen and Elastin Production

    Collagen is your skin’s major building block that lends youthfulness and glow. With ageing, your body will produce less of this protein, which can lead to leathery and dry texture and loose skin. With laser toning treatment, the laser light with the right amount of heat will penetrate deep into the dermis layer to kindle collagen production. The high-intensity laser beam used in the procedure aims at improving the elastin levels of your skin to promote skin texture and tightness [8].

    4. Provides Non-invasive Skin Lift

    If you do not like cosmetic surgical treatments like face contouring or lifting, a laser toning procedure can be an excellent alternative. This non-surgical treatment is ideal for lowering early ageing signs like saggy facial or neck skin. If you wish to have a visible facelift without going under the knife, choosing a laser toning procedure will be an effective and beneficial choice [9]. This method is also beneficial for treating sagging skin to achieve a well-contoured and firm body shape.

    5. Healing is Quick

    The major benefit of the laser toning procedure is that it improves collagen production in the deep layers of your skin. As collagen is an important skin protein, it supports quick healing. With laser toning, your skin regains its ability to heal faster, as the fibroblasts [10] present in collagen kindle quick tissue growth and pace up the healing process.

    6. Keeps Signs of Early Ageing at Bay

    If you have developed signs of ageing early, choosing laser toning treatment will be very beneficial. This procedure using a laser beam tones up your skin by promoting firmness through increased collagen production [11]. It focuses on lowering the signs of ageing like fine lines, crowfeet, wrinkles, and saggy skin with time [12]. The laser toning treatment enhances collagen levels under the layers of your skin and restores the elasticity to make it look supple and firm.

    7. Increased Blood Circulation

    A key benefit of laser toning treatment is that it enhances the blood circulation rate to enhance skin health. It restores the natural contraction process of blood vessels to prevent skin ageing. A better circulation rate helps improve your skin tone, as it restores radiance and brightness, which might be affected due to constant exposure to pollutants.

    8. Rectifies Uneven Skin Tone

    The effects of tanning, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars can cause discolouration of your skin tone. The laser toning treatment works in the deep skin layers to alleviate these skin issues and lightens the marks or scars to ensure an even tone [13].

    9. Provides Skin Rejuvenation

    The laser toning procedure rejuvenates your skin by working through the layers to make it look radiant and young [14]. It corrects the rough texture of your skin and contributes to its softness and suppleness. If dry and dull-looking skin concern has been bothering you, then this treatment is the right choice [15]. It corrects all the skin imperfections and sharpens your facial contours to enhance your look.

    10. Delivers Long-lasting Results

    Even though every skin issue will not require you to take around 5 or 7 sessions for best results, the impact created by each laser toning session is long-lasting. It assures youthful and firmer skin for several years after treatment. Your skin remains radiant without wrinkles or scars without opting for a surgical cosmetic procedure [16].

    Considerations and Precautions of Laser Toning Treatment

    1. Before going for laser toning treatment, do not go out in direct sunlight for at least two weeks to get the best results.
    2. Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight after laser toning. If you cannot avoid going out, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 on the treatment site once every 2 hours.
    3. Cleanse the skin on the treatment area gently twice daily.
    4. Apply the post-laser skin repair and skin-soothing creams that your dermatologist has prescribed for quicker and better skin regeneration.
    5. Do not use skin irritants like a scrub and products containing retinoids and glycolic acid.
    6. Apply moisturizers and skin-lightening creams as suggested to avoid pigmentation and to keep the skin well-hydrated.
    7. Always use gentle facial cleansers and facewash with a neutral pH to optimize skin health.
    8. Avoid hair treatments like perming, bleaching, straightening, hair colouring, and facials during your healing period after the laser treatment.
    9. Avoid tanning at home or visiting the beach for at least 4 weeks before your laser toning session.

    Parting Thoughts

    Laser toning procedures can effectively treat several skin conditions like melasma, sun spots, pigmented skin, ageing signs, or acne scars. It doesn’t matter if your skin issue is present in the deep dermal layers or on the top skin layer. The laser toning treatment targets and rectifies the issue safely without damaging the surrounding tissues or skin. This procedure with light-based technology is your apt solution to flaunt radiant, supple, and youthful skin for several years. If you have any doubts or questions regarding laser toning treatment, contact Kolors Healthcare for an appointment with your dermatologist today!

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