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Skin Polishing Treatment & Brightening Treatment

Skin Polishing

Day in and day out, your skin in various parts of the body suffers from the effect of pollution, exposure to elements, ageing and the stress of our lifestyle. This leads to the build-up of dead skin cells over successive layers, adds ‘age’ to your look and ultimately pulls down your personality. Over exposure to the sun is also a leading cause for the build-up of dead cells and premature ageing.

How can all these effects be reversed? Can one get back the ‘glow’ that was seemingly lost? The skin polishing treatment at Kolors is the ready answer to these questions.

The Kolors Advantage

At Kolors, a gentle exfoliation procedure combined with various peels and herbal extracts removed the old and dead layers of the skin to reveal the radiant skin underneath. Further, our skin brightening treatment ensures that collagen production is stimulated giving you long-standing skin polishing results. As a non-aggressive skin polishing treatment, our regimen smooth ens out all the fine wrinkles and lines, removes blackheads, whiteheads etc, evens out the darkened areas and acts proactively on large open pores. A perfect skin lightening treatment you always want.

Skin polishing treatment for men and women

In complying with the common aspiration to look as one’s best self, our skin treatment is open to both men and women.Intense, purifying, cleansing and powerfully trans formative, our skin whitening treatment solutions are a sure gateway to the fountain of youth and wellness, resulting skin tightening, gentle and bright skin.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, since each individual has a different and unique body makeup.

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