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About Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dermatology

Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dermatology is a growing specialty in the field of medicine, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of skin disorders. Our focus is on improving people's lives through safe and effective treatments, advanced technologies and personalized care.

Types of dermatologic treatments at Kolors

Our dermatological treatments are divided into 3 major parts: all types of peel treatments, electro-laser therapy, and hair re-growth solutions. At Kolors, with the best dermatologists, skin specialists, and the most advanced care options, you can be assured of the perfect solution to any chronic or acute problems.

dermatologist treatment for dull skin

Highlights of dermatologic treatments at Kolors

  • Non-invasive
  • Our Dermatologists choose the best options based on a thorough analysis of your skin type
  • No side effects
  • A blend of the best modern medicine and the latest technology

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Spotlight for Kolors Skincare Centres

"I have had the best experience in Kolors, and it is the perfect place for weight loss and skin treatment. Kolors gives 100% results at a reasonable price. I joined 3 months back for weight loss and skin treatment."

Ancy Vinothini

"I have the best experience in Kolors, and Kolors is the ideal place for weight loss and skin treatment. In addition, Kolors offers reasonable prices. I joined Kolors three months ago for weight loss and skin treatment, and I have experienced 17 kg of weight loss there. I had only planned on losing 13 kg, but I am overjoyed with my results and urging others to join."

Niranjana N

"It's always been good to take treatment here lovely place staff is very active and friendly. Recently went for a skin check-up. Everything is perfect, giving good healthy tips. Thank you."

Lavanya S

“Best place for weight loss, and I'm thrilled to have lost weight in a month while also correcting my figure. The staff is excellent and friendly, and I'm maintaining my health through diet, exercise, and some diet plans. When treating patients, they take great care. Thank you, Kolors, for giving good results. I'm pleased that the skincare I'm receiving is also producing positive results..”