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We take pride in excellent customer service and delivering a holistic wellness solution at all touch points. Some sample testimonials from our current and past customers are listed below.

Jayashree Mssl Jiechi

Hi. I am taking slimming treatment at the T Nagar branch. They provide excellent therapy and services. Well-trained therapists and dieticians motivated me to reduce my weight quickly, thanks to the Kolors team.

Nithya Sri

I joined Kolors 6 months back for weight reduction. My initial weight was 120 kg, and now I reduced 30 kg. I'm continuing the sessions, and they guided me to reduce my weight.

Sheetal Upadhyay

One of the best in Indore. This is just another professional hair salon with lots of great hairdressers. These guys know exactly what kind of cut suits you. In addition, I also got my facial done here, and it was excellent.

Vinutha Govind Yadav

I'm delighted with Kolors slimming treatment at Sadashivnagar. I'm getting good results in 5 massages only. I'm thrilled; the sessions are going well and are comfortable and relaxing. The therapist is good at doing massages; the diet counselling is superb, dietitians are caring. They always take care while arranging the session and diet counseling based on our health issues. They give well-balanced diet counseling, and it is effortless to follow. It's an excellent place to get fit and look slim. You're reducing the obesity level, and health is maintained, thank you, Kolors Sadashivnagar slimming team. The whole team is good.

Remali Rani

I recently joined one of the Kolors branches for weight loss. I started my journey three months back, resulting in a weight loss of 12kgs. I have some medical problems. Kolors is providing care and giving good treatment. Also, I am pleased and satisfied with the treatment. The dietician also gives a good diet plan. With this diet, it is very simple and enjoyable to reduce weight. I have a good experience at Kolors. Thank you.

Chanti Chintu

I have recently joined the Kolors for inch loss, for which I have seen improvement in myself. I have a health issue that they have taken care of and given treatment accordingly. The suggestions and treatment they provided were very helpful, and I can see the result. We have a healthy and hygienic environment. We have a dietician who takes care of and provides a good diet plan. The staff will take care while doing the treatment and provide good suggestions. Worth the money can have a good experience and see the desired results. I am always very thankful to you, Kolors.

Vivek Kumar

I recently joined Kolors at Tirupati for weight loss. I lost 5kgs in one month. I am so happy good staff happy with Kolors.

Lavanya S

It's always been good to take treatment here lovely place staff is very active and friendly. Recently went for a skin check-up. Everything is perfect, giving good healthy tips. Thank you.

Vandana Vani

I recently joined the Kolors branch. My weight is 95 kgs, so I'm overweight, and I booked the package for 15 kgs of weight loss. Till now, I have had a 12 kgs result with no side effects. I am satisfied with the treatment and good experience in Kolors. I am happy to share this news with all. Thank you, Kolors.

Ancy Vinothini

I have had the best experience in Kolors, and it is the perfect place for weight loss and skin treatment. Kolors gives 100% results at a reasonable price. I joined 3 months back for weight loss and skin treatment. While I took 13 kgs weight loss, I have lost 17 kgs! I am so happy about that skin treatment also. I am seeing the big changes in my face. I am so happy, and I recommend everybody to join Kolors. Thank you, Kolors.

Anjana Kahar

Kolors Healthcare has the best and finest service for weight loss programs. Very helpful treatment and supporting staff, especially dietician Mohini, made me realize the importance of diet and how to balance the diet. I am really happy with the service and the centre’s environment. Thank you, Kolors.

Samhitha Budimala

A lot of people commented on my being overweight. I joined a Kolors branch and took the 15kg weight loss package to reduce my weight at my friend's suggestion. Kolors gave me excellent service and good and permanent results. I got till now 13kgs results with no side effects, good services, and pleasant experience at Kolors. Kolors has given me a new life. Thank you, Kolors.

Pushpavathi Pushpa

All the staff members are highly knowledgeable and skilled at treating clients, and I couldn't be happier about that. Additionally, the performance of the entire team as a whole is outstanding. They work together as a team and are cooperative and understanding. The dietitians are excellent; they are very friendly and chatty and always take care of us. Based on our health issues and weight, they will provide diet counseling. I'm delighted with the dietician therapists who are also skilled at massages. The first two sessions were painful, but now I'm in no pain and am losing weight and inches. After seeing my results, two of my friends joined for weight loss. I'm now feeling light and slim, with no heaviness. I also have diabetes, but that has also decreased. Kolors Sadashivnagar slimming branch, you're doing wonders; it's the best place to get in shape and look good. They also offer suitable beauty treatments.
Thank you, Kolors.


I'm very happy with the Kolors slimming treatment. They are doing wonders. Initially, I didn't believe them, but after seeing what my friends had achieved, I was surprised and convinced. From 100+ kgs within three months, they reduced 17 kgs and now look slim. I took the weight loss and inch loss programs. I'm also getting good results. They are reducing obesity levels, people are getting better health by losing weight, and most diabetic patients' levels are decreasing. They provide a healthy diet pattern that is easy to follow, and dieticians are very cooperative and talkative. They will take care of clients overall. I'm very happy. Thank you, Kolors Sadashivnagar.

Deepa Sri

Kolors Health Care is a wonderful place for treating weight loss. The staff is fantastic, and the services are amazing. The atmosphere is excellent. Without a doubt, the services are extremely good. Another aspect is the excellent beauty services. I visited Kolors for haircut and facial services, and the entire staff was helpful, friendly, and cooperative. I was satisfied with the beauticians' work and the clean, hygienic environment. Interiors that are clean and well-maintained are good. Staff members are very approachable. I will eventually refer to my friends and family. Thank you for providing excellent services for haircuts and pedicures. Thank you, especially to the beauticians.

Niranjana N

I have the best experience in Kolors, and Kolors is the ideal place for weight loss and skin treatment. In addition, Kolors offers reasonable prices. I joined Kolors three months ago for weight loss and skin treatment, and I have experienced 17 kg of weight loss there. I had only planned on losing 13 kg, but I am overjoyed with my results and urging others to join.

Ravi Varma

My name is Ravi, and my friend joined the Kolors Gachibowli. He was overweight, which is why he needed treatment, and when he joined the program, he lost 4 kg in 3 months. When I asked him how this was possible, he replied that he had joined the program at the same branch five months prior. The guys there had been very helpful in advising me on what foods to eat. The guys are very kind and have excellent hospitality.

Gayathri Reddy

I'm very happy with Kolors. The treatment is good, I'm comfortable with the treatment, and they maintain hygiene properly. I've recommended Kolors to friends and family, and even people from middle-class families can benefit from it. Beauty treatment is also available here, and the dieticians, counsellors, and other staff members are more cooperative and helpful. They also provide attractive offers for in-house clients that are also lovely. The dieticians also provide a diet chart that is too good and helpful for leading a healthy life. Thank you, and keep going.

Priya Ranganathan

I tried for several years to lose weight, but I was unsuccessful. I joined Kolors three months ago, and as of now, I have lost 10 kgs. I am pleased with the care I have received from the dietician and her staff. I enjoy working with all the therapists, but Ambika and Afreen are excellent.

Sri Laxmi Siri

I signed up for the Kolors weight loss program, and the results were fantastic. I'm so excited to join Kolors and grateful for the excellent support I've received from their Rajahmundry branch.


Best place for weight loss, and I'm thrilled to have lost weight in a month while also correcting my figure. There were sessions for both weight loss and inch loss. The staff is excellent and friendly, and I'm maintaining my health through diet, exercise, and some diet plans. Physicians and dieticians are being careful when providing weight-loss programming. When treating patients, they take great care. Thank you, Kolors, for giving good results. Thank you to the staff for the helpful recommendations to customers. I'm pleased that the skincare I'm receiving is also producing positive results.

Additionally, Kolors offers hair treatments. It includes treatments with plasma-rich platelets and peels that stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Additionally available are laser and electrolysis treatments. It benefits women whose hormonal imbalance has caused unwanted facial hair growth. Inch loss in the figure-correction process is very good. I then suggested that everyone use Kolors Healthcare.