Fairness Treatment

Often, fairness treatment (commonly known by other terms like skin whitening, skin lightening and skin polishing) is associated with getting fair skin using natural or artificial chemical agents and substances. In this endeavor, many a times, aggressive agents are used to achieve the desired results. These do more harm than good. It is an often unnoticed fact that skin in various parts of the body becomes darker due a variety of reasons not related to genetics alone. These include exposure to the sun, lifestyle habits like smoking, hormonal changes etc. Enzymatic action also causes the development of local dark and bright spots. Whatever may be the cause, body whitening or fairness therapy requires a different approach and this is where the Kolors skin fairness treatment specialty comes in.


At Kolors, you are introduced to a world of absolutely safe, tested and proven skin brightening / face whitening treatment options. We avoid all kind of aggressive agents and treatments that seek to do more harm than good and work with you to achieve the desired results. To us, skin fairness treatment is not just about achieving skin whitening alone…but also a means to achieve supple and gorgeous skin that is naturally healthy and radiant.

Highlights of the skin fairness treatment delivered by Kolors

  • Comprehensive and intensive analytical approach that considers past medical history, present condition etc., to focus on all-round individual well-being.
  • Customized program that is specifically designed with individual aspirations and lifestyles in mind.
  • Absolutely no side effects.
  • No aggressive bleaching agents used.
  • Advanced and effective treatment that delivers a holistic solution for body and mind.

Fairness Treatment FAQ

- The unexposed parts of your body have a different skin color than the exposed part of the skin. You can expect to get naturally looking fairer skin like your unexposed skin such as chest / abdomen etc.
- Skin tone changes often, unless it is well-maintained. Hence, it is important to give proper skin care. This is becausefairness results last based on appropriate Skin care.
- You get a brighter and youthful skin tone. Kolors provides safe and natural skin care solutions to restore soft and supple skin you’d love.
- You can opt for the complete Skin Rejuvenation treatment offered by Kolors. You get excellent results that last longer.