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Starving is not much beneficial, you will return to your original weight once you start eating again. Hence, it is always better to look for weight loss tips or ways which can help you lose weight faster and easier.

When you starve, it is a short-term fix for a problem which needs a long term solution. The Extreme calorie deficit may produce opposite results what you aim for. It is often noticed that, those who tend to lose more weight due to starvation regain the lost weight back within in a few years.

Why it is important to understand the difference between Nutrient value and Calories?

It is crucial to know the difference between the above two. Many tend to gain weight in the first instance because they tend to eat even when their body does not need, any more calories. 

Learn better eating habits; you can start off, by knowing more about what kinds of foods your body requires.


The body essentially requires varied kinds of nutrients; hence you must make sure you make real healthy choices to eat. Start eating more protein-rich foods regularly, by doing so you will develop muscle and have a higher thermal capacity which would help burn fats.


Carbohydrates are also known as carbs, it includes sugars and starch.  Do not consume refined carbohydrates, they have low nutrient value. It does no good to your body as it is easily digestible and you will feel hungry in no time and you will overeat.

One must remember foods’ having a similar amount of calories does not necessarily have the same nutrient value. It is always better to stick to unrefined grains as it is a good source of carbohydrates. Due to its whole grain nature, it is bit harder to digest hence individuals feel fuller for a longer period.

Why one chooses to starve?

If an individual is not able to achieve their weight loss goals like before or see other people having ideal perfect body weight and shape they usually turn towards starvation diets and do not have patience to get there slowly and effectively.

 By starving, they restrict calories intake far below their daily energy needs. By doing so, they witness the number on the scale decrease; it is the die-hard approach which may help in quick initial weight loss but that fat loss is not real.

What happens to your body when you start starving?

Starvation diets produce negative effects on the body as a result, you will observe

  • Decrease in lean body mass
  • Change in Metabolism
  • Decrease in strength
  • Reduced bone density

Why one should opt for healthier and safer ways to lose weight rather than starving?

When you starve you will face numerous problems such as below, hence If you desire to lose weight, you should continue eat a healthy diet.

  • Dehydration
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue

How weight loss is possible in a healthy manner?

All individuals who are aiming to lose weight in a healthy manner must consider two fold approach to body composition

  • Focus on fat loss
  • Muscle gain

They must also choose to eat a healthy diet, which must be of low fat and foods having lesser calories in other words, they must eat foods within their calorie needs or healthy deficit range. This will significantly help reduce weight and improve weight related medical conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetics.  That’s not all, they must also undertake strength training to keep themselves fitter and stronger. L”

How to lose weight fast without starving?

There are many ways to achieve the above goal. Below you can find some of the ways which you can follow and lose weight fast without resorting to starving.

  • Stop drinking sugary and fruit juice

Restrain yourself drinking sugary and fruit juice because they contain lots of sugar and calories, instead drink lots of water, it will keep your body hydrated.

  • High-protein breakfast

When individuals start having high-protein breakfast, varied, finding has revealed that, not only those individual craving has been reduced but also their calorie intake also has been reduced.

  • 30 minutes before meal, drink water

When you start doing this, it will aid in digestion and help you lose weight. Also remember to drink water after an hour so that your body absorbs nutrients.

  • Choose to eat foods which can help you lose weight

There are many foods which can help you reduce weight fast they include oatmeal, almonds, Chia seeds, Chick Peas and Brown Rice.

  • Eat food high in soluble fiber

Soluble Fiber is good for health, it helps lower cholesterol and keeps your blood sugar level stable, thus not only you will feel easier to lose weight but also helps you to live longer.

  • Choose chemical free and unprocessed foods

Unprocessed foods and chemical free foods are not only healthy choice, but they also help lose weight because you feel more filling and thus you will be able to restrict yourself from overeating. For quick weight loss you must also restrict yourself from processed and unhealthy packed foods instead go for healthiest fruits and vegetables on earth. They are best snacks; have them regularly in smaller portions rather than having few larger meals

  • Eating slowly

Over a period of time, it has been noted that those who eat fast tend to gain weight back than those who eat food slowly. What really happens when you eat slowly is you will have a feeling of fullness, greater satisfaction, better hydration, better digestion and easier weight loss, as result of boost in weight-reducing hormones.   

  • Weight yourself each day

When you weigh yourself every day, you get motivated and improve your self control, hence most likely you will not only lose weight, but also ensure for a long time it does not come back.

  • Good night sleep each day

People who have poor sleep have more risk of gaining weight, but those who are able to sleep within 20 minutes of lying to sleep for about 7 to 9 hours in a 24 hour period tend to lose weight or maintain their existing weight with much ease.

You do not need to starve In order to lose weight instead follow the above simple ways and lose weight faster or if you find difficulty following the above ways, talk to the experts who offer wellness treatment. They will provide more details as to how you can lose weight without starving and rigorous exercise. > 

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