Know Why You Are Getting Fat?

Know why we are getting Fat

Everyone wants to look and feel good. Hence people tend to wear different outfits. If your body is lean and perfect, you can easily fit in any clothes, but if you have fat stored in your body, you will have difficulty finding dresses that can make you look good.

If you are overweight, you may look for ways to lose weight naturally. This is a healthy option. But before this, know why we are getting fat. This blog covers topics that will help you understand why modern-day people are getting fat compared to our primitives.

Why Historically Fat Storage Work Well For Humans?

During the primitive age, fat storage worked well. In two situations, the stored fat acted as fuel for muscles and other organs. The first one was when they had difficulty finding food. Second, when predators chased them. Fat storage provided a survival advantage. Individuals who tended to store fat were capable of surviving for a longer period without food and had more energy for hostile environments.

But in modern times, there exists an overabundance of food, and living conditions are much safer. Hence people have accumulated more fat in their bodies. We find in developed nations, and more adults are obese, hence to reduce their excess weight, they prefer having diet food.

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    What Happens When You Eat High-Calorie Foods?

    When you start having high-calorie food, your body will automatically increase fat cell number and size to accommodate extra energy derived from consuming foods rich in calories. That’s not all; it will go further and start depositing fat cells on your liver, muscles, and other organs to create space to store the extra energy derived from the above foods. This happens, especially when you do not indulge much in physical activities.

    What Are The Health Risks Of Having Too Much Fat?

    The major problem of having excess fat is that fat cells, referred to as adipocytes, do not function normally. They tend to store energy at an abnormally high rate and release energy at an abnormally slower rate. To reverse this tendency, one should consume fat-loss food.

    If you do not do it, these enlarged fat cells will start producing different hormones at an abnormal rate. And it will lead to a slowdown of metabolism, an increase in inflammation and contribute to numerous diseases. The above complicated pathological process of having more fat and dysfunction is called adiposopathy. The above condition makes the treatment of obesity very difficult.

    What Happens When An Individual Starts Exercising And Limits Calories?

    When an individual resorts to the above action, the body does two things to burn fat. Firstly, it spends the energy deposited in the fat cells to fuel new activity. Secondly, it will forgo the earlier action of storing much fat. You may wonder how the brain may signal fat cells to release fatty acid molecules or energy packages to the bloodstream.

    All three muscles, lungs and heart, pick up the above fatty acids and then break them apart and use the energy stored in the bonds to execute their activities. The remaining scraps are discarded in urine or as carbon dioxide as part of respiration. The above process leaves the fat cells empty and makes it useless.

    These cells have a short lifespan, so when they die, the body tries to absorb the empty cast and does not replace them. Over the period, the body directly tries to extract the needed energy from the food to the organs instead of storing them first.

    As a result of the above action, the body also starts to readjust by reducing both the size and the number of fat cells, which will subsequently improve the metabolism baseline, treat diseases, decrease inflation, and help have longer lives.

    Suppose the individual continues exercising and limits the calories over some time. In that case, the human body will begin reabsorbing the extra empty fat cells and throw them away as waste, thus making individuals leaner and healthier on multiple levels.

    What Varied Foods Help Burn Belly Fat And Reduce Weight?

    There are natural foods that can be included in the fat-burning diet. These foods help increase metabolism and reduce weight. Below you can find a list of natural foods which will help burn belly fat and reduce weight. There is no single food or food group that’s going to be a magic bullet for weight loss. These foods support your weight loss efforts. A combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise is the most effective way to lose weight and burn belly fat.

    1. Fatty Fish

    The above food is considered an excellent source of high-quality digestive protein. When one consumes them, they offer a greater feeling of fullness and help increase the metabolic rate rapidly compared to digesting fat or carbs.

    2. Eggs

    When eggs are included in breakfast, it helps reduce hunger and promote a feeling of fullness for several hours in individuals who are overweight or obese. When individuals have around 3 eggs several times a week, they can burn fat simultaneously and feel satisfied and fuller.

    3. Green Tea

    This is an excellent beverage. It promotes good health. Green tea has been linked to an increase in metabolism and is a great hydrating fluid. It contains caffeine and EGCG, which help boost metabolism and aid weight loss; it protects heart health and reduces cancer risk.

    4. Chilli Peppers

    Chilli peppers contain an antioxidant, capsaicin, which helps maintain and achieve a healthy weight.

    5. Coconut Oil

    The above oil offers immense health benefits. The fat in this oil is mostly MCTs, which has been credited with fat-burning and appetite-suppressing properties.

    6. Whey Protein

    It suppresses appetite more effectively than other protein sources. It helps stimulate fullness hormones, such as GLP-1 or PYY, to a greater extent. In addition foods like skinless chicken, fish, lean meat, and plant-based protein also helps you feel satiated and support muscle maintenance.

    7. Full Fat Yogurt

    High Protein Diary products aid in fat loss, protect muscle during weight loss and helps you feel fuller and more satisfied.

    8. Olive Oil

    The above oil is the healthiest fat on earth. You can incorporate this in your diet by adding them to your salad or cooked food.

    9. Whole Grains

    Brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat are some of the whole grains that can help in weight loss. They are rich in fiber, that helps you feel full and satisfied. This reduces the chance of overeating.

    If you are looking to lose weight healthily, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you lose weight naturally and healthily.


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