Hair Removal Cream vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which is Best?

Hair Removal Cream vs. Laser Hair Removal

Is unwanted body hair making you avoid your favorite sleeveless or little black dress when hanging out with your loved one? Even though hair growth on the body is a natural process, you might opt for hair removal for reasons like improving physical hygiene, having a well-groomed appearance, and flaunting smooth skin. However, from the underarm fuzz, peach fuzz on the face, and bikini region stubble to coarse hair on the legs, unwanted body hair can be irritating, especially when attending parties, social functions, or family get-togethers.

Removing unwanted hair is an easy decision, but choosing the correct method that is suitable for your skin and hair type is a bit tricky. Even though several hair removal options are available in the market, hair removal creams or depilatories and laser hair removal methods remain the favorite choice of many. But which way is the best among the two? Read this blog to learn about how these two hair removal methods work, the positive and negative aspects of each technique, and which one would cater to your needs.

How Hair Removal Cream Work?

Popularly known as depilatories, these hair removal creams are formulated with potent chemicals like sodium hydroxide and calcium thioglycolate to break down the hair’s protein structure. This chemical combination of the creams is rich in alkaline properties that work to break down the hair’s keratin structure. These products are available in lotion, cream, powder, and gel to cater to specific user needs. It has to be applied on the skin directly, and when left on the skin for a few minutes, it weakens your hair follicles to remove it as soon as you wipe it off with a wet sponge.

Though these depilatory creams can help remove unwanted hair instantly, they are not suitable for all types of skin, especially for sensitive-skinned beauties. These creams help remove unwanted body hair from arms and legs. However, ensure you perform a patch test before applying this cream, as some products may cause a tingling sensation, peeling, stinging, irritation, or burning. In addition, hair removed using these creams tend to grow back after a week.

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    Pros Of Using Hair Removal Cream

    • Simple to apply on the skin
    • Readily available
    • Can be used at home
    • Discrete and quick
    • Removes unwanted body hair without leaving a trace
    • Offered with a nourishing formula
    • Available in various flavors
    • Affordable

    Cons Of Using Hair Removal Cream

    • Laced with powerful chemicals
    • Emits a powerful odor when the cream reacts with the hair
    • Ingrown hair risk is higher
    • Not ideal for sensitive-skinned beauties
    • Chemical ingredients cause skin irritation, rashes, tingling, and discomfort
    • Cannot be used for the face, eyebrows, and upper lips
    • Hair regrowth is quicker (1)
    • Expensive as frequent usage is needed

    How Laser Hair Removal Works

    Laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive procedure that effectively removes unwanted hair from different body parts like the face, bikini area, legs, underarms, and back. This method of hair removal by laser is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis (2). It focuses the concentrated laser beam with a specific pulse and wavelength on the hair removal site to get deeper into the hair follicles. Upon reaching the hair follicles, the light gets transformed into thermal energy. The melanin pigment of the hair is affected by the laser light, and the heat vaporizes the hair immediately (3). As the hair follicles are destroyed, there are no chances of much hair regrowth. This explains why laser hair treatments are ideal for people with a light skin tone and dark hair. For dark-skinned beauties, procedures using Nd: YAG lasers, which don’t depend on the melanin pigment to access the hair follicles, will be an apt choice.

    The FDA doesn’t recognize the laser method as a permanent method to remove unwanted hair; it reduces up to 95% of hair reduction (4). However, this hair removal method is a practical choice to remove the hairs in the anagen growth phase when the follicles are active and remain attached to the papilla of the follicle. As 20% of your body hair will be in the anagen phase, you can remove those hairs during the first session of laser hair removal (5). So, schedule laser hair removal sessions once in six or eight weeks to give enough time for your hair cycle to reach the anagen phase.

    When we compare hair removal creams with laser hair removal, the latter is more permanent and eliminates the need for regular use of creams or shaving. Kolors Healthcare’s laser hair removal treatment is a perfect option for anyone looking for the service. Contact us today at +91 7669597927 for free guidance and consultation. Please do check laser hair removal treatment cost in India.

    Pros of Using Laser Hair Removal

    • It is a cost-effective procedure to get long-term results
    • Short sessions that last up to 30 minutes
    • No risks like ingrown hairs
    • Permanent hair removal method, as hair follicles are damaged during the process
    • It is a comfortable hair removal method, as there are no pains or irritation

    Cons of Using Laser Hair Removal

    • It is not very cheap, as you need to pay for consecutive sessions
    • Some might experience a few temporary side effects like redness, irritation, or minor burns
    • Accidental exposure to the sun might interfere with the results
    • May cause slight pigmentation changes

    Comparison Between Hair Removal Cream and Laser Hair Removal

    Type Laser Hair Removal Hair Removal Cream
    Effectiveness Laser hair removal procedure is an effective choice to get your unwanted hair removed permanently, as it works directly on the hair follicles in the anagen phase to stun it and restrict hair growth in the future. It can remove around 20% of hair during the first session, so that you will need just a few sessions for excellent hair reduction. Depilatory creams are formulated with chemicals like potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide that blend with your hair composition and dissolve it. So, getting smooth skin free from the hair within a few minutes is effective, especially if you have to attend a party shortly. However, it is not a good choice for everyone, as it causes rashes or boils.
    Safety Laser treatment for removing unwanted hair is a safe procedure, as only expert dermatologists perform the procedure while following the required safety precautions. It is safe for light and dark people, as different lasers are available to treat different hair textures. Although you will not face risks like razor cuts while using hair removal creams, sensitive-skinned people might experience severe burning sensations, rashes, pain, and discomfort. Despite being a safe hair removal product, depilatories are unsuitable for all.
    Cost The laser hair removal procedure requires you to pay only for a specific number of sessions to get hair reduction of a lifetime, making it a cost-effective option. But, you need to buy depilatory creams once in two weeks, which makes it an expensive option in the long run.
    Convenience The laser hair removal procedure is convenient, as it is performed by an experienced dermatologist with high-precision beams. Hair removal creams are also convenient as you can apply them on your own at your home.
    Ease of use Laser treatment requires you to approach a hair removal clinic to get appointments for sessions to get rid of unwanted hair. You need to apply depilatory creams on the skin for instant hair removal.
    Long-term results Only laser procedures can deliver hair-free results in the long run, as the light and heat energy attack the hair follicles to prevent hair regrowth. Depilatories, on the other hand, experience hair growth soon after a week.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Between The Two Methods

    • Your need for hair removal (Permanent or temporary)
    • Your spending ability
    • The extent of your hair growth on different parts of the body
    • Any underlying medical condition causing spurts of hair growth, which needs immediate attention
    • How much time can you allot for the hair removal
    • Your ability to tolerate burning sensations or reactions
    • The placement of the body part that you wish to keep hair-free
    • Underlying allergy to a specific chemical component


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