Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs*

A springboard to the new you… the best weight loss programs

Is it really possible to quickly and safely lose weight given the fast-paced lifestyle we are in? What are the side effects of such weight loss programs? What is the duration of the weight loss programs? How do weight loss programs benefit an individual? Am I suitable for a weight loss program? Can I be helped even if I am obese from childhood?

These are some of the common questions that assail individuals as they seek to lose weight and get back to their real self.

The Kolors Advantage

At Kolors, our team is here to provide complete support and deliver unmatched care and value in an ambience of total comfort, luxury and privacy. Our team of experienced dieticians, fitness experts, doctors, helpers and counsellors offer specific guidance and help based on a rigorous analysis of your BMI, your present lifestyle, your past medical history and other factors to develop a comprehensive weight loss program that is free from bias and best suited to your needs and body type. When the world is at your feet and at awe of your success, why should you allow the extra ‘weight’ to pull down your self-esteem and worth? Who really are they to be judgemental about your appearance? By engaging with Kolors, you not only get away with the cosmetic problem of obesity, but also improve blood circulation and metabolism.

Highlights of the weight loss treatment regimen delivered by Kolors

  • Non-surgical.
  • Absolutely no crash diets, heavy exercises or adverse side effects.
  • Comprehensive and rigorously analytical approach that considers past medical history, present condition etc., to focus on all-round individual well-being.
  • Tailor made program that is specifically designed with individual aspirations and lifestyles in mind.
  • A walk-in and walk-out procedure!
  • Personalized attention that seeks to remove your apprehension and make you comfortable…whilst answering your every question anytime!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, since each individual has a different and unique body makeup.

I am Sai, i just want to say that kolors has best weight loss procedures without surgery. I was afraid about the program, but kolors never gave me a pill or injection. It was purely natural. Always be thankful to Kolors.
- Sai

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