There are two main methods to remove the hair grafts – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In the FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut out from the donor area (usually the back of the head) and then dissected into individual grafts. This method is better when there is a larger bald or scanty hair growth area to be covered.

FUE Hair Transplant involves cutting out individual follicular grafts from the donor area and transplanting them in areas of patchy growth. This method is better for smaller problem areas, and has a faster recovery time.

At kolors, we specialize in offering all the types of high-end hair transplantation procedure- Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Follicular Transplantation, we offer you an advanced myriad of quality solutions for hair transplantation.


What is an Implanter Pen?

An implanter pen is an instrument used by physicians to transfer follicular hair unit grafts onto the scalp – a follicular unit typically contains anywhere from one to four healthy hairs. This device was first invented in the 1990s by Yung Chul Chou of the Kyungpook National University, who designed the device to reduce the amount of labor involved during hair transplants as well as to reduce the amount of direct physical contact to the recipient’s scalp. By minimizing the amount of direct physical contact, the scalp experiences less trauma during the procedure and can heal more quickly. An implanter pen also shortens the amount of time that the follicular unit spends outside of the body, which in turn increases its odds of survivability.

How do Implanter Pens Work?

During a hair transplant, the surgeon first removes the follicular units from the donor zone from the back of the scalp with Follicular Unit Extraction. These follicular units are then dissected and rearranged into grafts that are ready for reinsertion into the scalp. Once the grafts are prepared, they are then carefully loaded into the needle of the implanter pen using  jeweller forceps. Usually an assistant will perform this loading process for multiple pens and hand them to the surgeon one-by-one as needed throughout the course of the procedure. Next, the surgeon instantly creates a recipient site by pressing down on the pen’s plunger, injecting the graft through the needle and into the scalp. During this step, the surgeon carefully angle the needle of the pen so that the hair will grow naturally. If the needle is facing at a bad angle, the follicle will be misangled and the resulting hairs will grow noticeably out of place. A main advantage of these devices is that they instantaneously create recipient sites using a fine needle, which minimalizes bleeding and the chance of infection. This also reduces the scarring as well, though scars will be present as with any puncture of the skin. The immediate nature of placement into the recipient sites allows for greater densities to be achieved and with less bleeding as the incision does not have time to ooze after the incision is made. The hairs themselves also have a higher chance of survivability since vital structures such as the dermal papillae are not directly touched. The follicular units themselves fit snugly into the newly created recipient site, and the overall healing time is usually quite short since the donor extraction procedure is almost synonymously FUE.


Strict protocols are applied to all procedures and at all levels to guarantee 100% safety.

Grafts Viability

Grafts viability rate is above 90%, while the industry average is about 50%


Entire procedure is performed under local anaesthesia making the procedure completely painless

No Scars

Only healthy hair follicles which are genetically designed to grow for lifetime are chosen and implanted.

Natural Results

Full control of the depth, the direction and the angle of placement ensures 100% natural results.

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1.             At our consultation, you will receive an honest and thorough evaluation of your hair loss, including an explanation for its cause and a discussion for the best medical and surgical options for your particular case.

2.              At kolors, a hair transplant is only recommended if the patient is found to be an adequate candidate for surgery.

3.            At Kolors we create and ensure natural hairlines and undetectable hair transplant results.

4.              Patient Education is a primary focus in our practice.

5.              Our patients come from all over the world for our cutting edge technology, aesthetic mastery of hair restoration, and strict adherence to medical ethics.

6              A significant part of the practice at kolors is dedicated to hair transplant repair, with many patients coming to us to correct outdated or poorly-executed hair transplant procedures.

7.              We at kolors take pride in being readily accessible to our patients, as patient satisfaction is our number one concern.

Traditionally the primary approach to placing grafts has been the use of jeweler’s forceps to grasp the FU grafts and then place them into the recipient sites. To do this proficiently can involve substantial practice. Holding the grafts too tightly can lead to damage to the grafts and repeated attempts to place the grafts can also lead to damage. This may be a factor in some poor growth outcomes.

Increasingly, clinicians are adopting the use of implanters to aid in placing grafts. There are multiple implanters on the market, such as the Lion (Hans Biomed, Korea), OKT (Choi Instruments, Korea), and others, but the basic design is similar.

It is felt that the use of this type of implanter allows for less trauma during graft insertion.

Here, we use the most advanced technology available in hair transplant industry.


•              Ellis instruments are gold standard in field of hair restoration, we get them from USA , helps in graft handling without trauma and mechanical damage


•              In FUE technique, punch plays a very important role in aesthetic outcome of donor area. Smaller and sharper the punches, better and faster the healing of donor area. Mediquip titanium tipped punches area the most advanced punches , available in size 0.7-1.1 mm for aesthetically pleasing outcome of donor area.


•              Implantation is most important part of procedure , on which density n natural outcome depends.For desired results , we use SAVA implanters and lion implanters


•              Appropriate magnification is very important in all precise and minute aspects of hair transplant procedure. Our loupes all doctors to achieve optimum magnification ensuring minimal damage to grafts and existing hair. These enable our doctors to work with high efficiency, less fatigued and longer hours for maximum output.


•              Focussed LED lights offers low temperature , cooling effect and better environment for graft survival