Kolors VWL Treatment is a unique and comprehensive programme introduced for the first time in India to fight Obesity, as Obesity is considered by WHO as one of the major risk factor of COVID-19 infection.

This treatment can be availed at the comfort and privacy of your home under close online supervision of our Doctors & Dietitians.

A private online video consultation is taken by our Health Counselors to analyse and help you work towards your weight loss goals. The analysis is done according to the BMI. They formulate scientific and customised packages taking your life style & medical problems into consideration.

A weekly twice treatment is designed, where it is monitored online to achieve maximum results.

Kolors VWL Treatment can save time and traveling to clinics waiting for appointments. It is a very safe, secure and convenient way of reducing weight to stay fit and healthy.

Now your busy schedule can’t hold you back any longer.. !



  • 1. How does Kolors VWL treatment Work?
  • Ans: Once you receive our online consultation with our Health Consultant and enroll for our scientifically formulated customised package, a kit will be delivered at your door step within 7 - 10 working days, with a complete user manual and the process will be guided by our Doctors and Dieticians through secured online video consultation.

  • 2. Who can become a VWL Client?
  • Ans: Anyone who is in the age group of 10+ years (boys) after puberty (girls) till 60 years who are overweight and obese are eligible for the treatment.

  • 3. How much weight can I lose?
  • Ans: Weight loss reduction will depend on your BMI levels and medical history. Our health consultants will give an accurate estimate during online video consultation.

  • 4. Do I have to eat frozen meals and protein shakes?
  • Ans: No, we never suggest frozen meals or protein supplements but we provide healthy ready to eat, calorie, counted Kolors Food Products in the treatment kit.

  • 5. Do you prescribe medication?
  • Ans: No, we never suggest internal medication, injections and supplements. Hence it is 100% medically safe.

  • 6. How is Kolors VWL Treatment different from Kolors branch treatment?
  • Ans: As you are unable to step out during COVID-19 and also your busy schedule is holding you back to travel to our primises, we are now providing our services at your door step 365 Days, 24/7.