Hair Strengthening Treatment

Hair Strengthening & Healthy Hair Treatment

Did you notice that you are suddenly losing a lot of hair? Does baldness run in your family? Do you feel that you hairline has started receding slowly but perceptibly when compared to your earlier selfies and photographs? Have you suddenly encountered much stress as a result of which your hair is thinning out? Are you getting exposed too much in the Sun?And is your hair looking dull and lifeless? Have you tried home remedies for hair strengthening treatment, without noticeable results?

Voila the perfect hair strengthening treatment solution is here.

The Kolors advantage in hair strengthening treatment

The Kolors team of experts work to analyze your genetic makeup, lifestyle habits and a host of other factors to develop an excellent hair strengthening regimen that is guaranteed to deliver results. Using 100% safe non-invasive and non-surgical methods, our team works to ensure that your individual hair follicles are correctly nourished for healthy hair growth. Not only Hair growth is stimulated by natural means but also but also the weak hair roots are strengthened to ensure that your hair gains in strength and abundance over a period of time.

Hair Strengthening Treatment FAQ

- Weak Hair has the following features: o Dull and Dry o Split Ends o Tangles often o Frizzy o Breaks easily etc.
- Factors that lead to weak Hair are: o Stress o Hormonal Imbalances o Genetics o Scalp Infections o Unhealthy eating habits o Pollution o Medication o Use of Chemicals o Scalp related infections, Dandruff etc.
- When Hair starts shedding from scalp,beginning from slow shedding to severe conditions, it becomes utmost important to stop Hair loss and strengthen Hair roots. The treatment ensures that the Hair Roots are treated naturally and made strong to hold Hair strands firmly. The treatment fortifies the scalp with essential Hair care Nutrients and Elements that are helpful in promoting Healthy Hair.
- The team of best Trichologists at Kolors analyzes a host of various factors to develop an excellent hair strengthening regimen that guarantees excellent results. The treatment is 100% safe non-invasive and non-surgical wherein the hair roots are strengthened over a period of time.