Deep Scar Removal

Deep Scar Removal And Stretch Marks Removal Treatments

Severe cystic acne during the teen years often leaves individuals with a deeply scarred skin. A further point to note is that scars need not necessarily occur on the face alone. Whenever there is a breach of the dermal layer, the body will heal naturally by itself; but the by-product of that healing is a scar. This is because new collagen fibers are produced to mend the damage. This also means that the scar tissue has a different texture, feel and quality than the surrounding tissues. It is ironical that while some wounds heal quickly and easily,thus leave a barely perceptible scar, while others can be complicated in case.


Deep Scar removal is thus a science as well as an art which requires excellent expertise and the best of technologies. In Kolors, you enter an affable world where your concerns and needs come first. We deliver perfectly balanced solutions for stretch marks removal, deep scar removal, acne scar removal treatments based on your skin type and offer lengthy, yet honest, consultations to ensure that the smooth skin you seek does not remain a dream but becomes a reality. Kolors provides such best acne treatment that you will love your healthy skin and the new look.

Highlights of the deep scar removal treatment delivered by Kolors

  • Treatment is delivered in state of the art facilities and fully equipped procedure rooms.
  • Use of totally safe agents and lasers.
  • Customised programs developed after extensive consultation and analysis.
  • Absolutely no side effects.
  • A blend of treatment to ensure that even the most stubborn of acne scars and deep scars are removed.

Deep Scar Removal Treatment FAQ

- Oily skin leads to Acne and leaves deep scars on skin. These scars lower down ones confidence levels and impacts the Natural Beauty.
- Kolors provides effective and customized Scar removal treatment that matches your skin type. The treatment aims to eliminate scars for flawless skin you’d love
- Results depend upon person to person, however much improvement is seen as the treatment goes on.
- The Skin care experts at Kolors deliver perfectly balanced solutions for Stretch marks removal, Deep scar removal, and Acne scar removal treatments etc.based on your skin type so that your skin looks flawless and smooth.