Body Toning

Body Toning Treatment &  Body Toning Solutions

Kolors provides matchless body toning solutions to bring ultimate perfection in every body part.

Every individual has a unique physiology and concerns in the areas of external appearance and body improvement. Sometimes, there is sagging skin that needs to be tightened and firmed to deliver a youthful look. This sagging skin is the result of genetic problems, ageing, pregnancy and the like.

Often, the other areas of concern include the ‘little extra’ fat around the abdominal area and in the arms, distinct bulges around the hips, back rolls, buttocks and thighs which pose a considerable challenge to get toned! This concern may be either in one of these individual areas or a combination of one or more of the above.

Whatever be the case, our body toning treatment makes your ‘Dream come true’ by toning your body through non-surgical and non-invasive re-touching techniques.

Highlights of the body toning treatment at Kolors

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical.
  • Available for all specific areas of the body like arms, thighs, legs, back, abdomen and the neck.
  • Comprehensive and intensive analytical approach that considers past medical history, present condition etc., to focus on all-round individual well-being.
  • Each program is customized after taking into consideration, the individual aspirations & life style.
  • Absolutely no side effects.
  • A walk-in and walk-out procedure!

Body Toning Treatment FAQ

- Body Toning is tightening of skin and reduction of saggy skin. In the process of weight reduction, there might be chances that one may have saggy skin. However Body Toning tightens the skin and maintains the Skin elasticity and glow.
- Body Toning improves your Skin texture, firmness, and tones your body to good shape.
- It is a relaxing therapy with the application of essential oils infused with richness of micro-nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin in order to tighten the skin, tone up and eliminate excess fluid substance from Skin
- Non-surgical, available for all specific areas of the body like arms, thighs, legs, back, abdomen and the neck, with absolutely no side-effects.