Hair Transplantation Methods

Its always advisable to review your choices and take a second opinion, when you plan for hair transplant. Compare the results and technology, be well aware what is right for you.


These days, many centres are offering hair transplant procedure facility. But we believe that with hair transplant procedure influence many aspects of persons life like psychologically, aesthetically and financially, so results should be better than your expectation. Cost of hair transplant procedure vary because it depends upon various factors like Technique used, Instruments quality, Surgeon skill and experience. We are transparent with charges. We charge as per technique used and number of follicles implanted. So, call us to know more.

Lion Implanter (Spain): The Lion implanter is a hair transplanter body and needle that considers the convenience of the user and the aesthetics of the patient. The device uses a clip, which is not found in previously used hair transplanters. This clip reduces the procedural time and makes the replacement of the needle easier.

The Technique

With our DFT technique each hair follicle is gently and carefully extracted from the donor area and then implanted directly. This implies no holes or slits are made prior to the implantation process.

The process highlights–

  • Healthy, natural looking hair
  • No strips, scars or holes unlike previous techniques
  • No injuries from the readjustment of the hair follicles to the blood supply
  • Minimal medication is required during and post the operation
  • No scalpels or stitches
  • The procedure is executed 100% only by surgeon and trained assistant.

Hair Transplant Cost Factor

Hair Transplantation is a cosmetic procedure with no fixed cost. Cost of the procedure varies significantly from person to person, depending upon various factors including:

  • Hair Transplant Method you choose.
  • Area of the region to be transplanted
  • Type of instrumentation used
  • No of follicles required for desired thickness.
  • Size of the area that needs to be covered.
  • Experience and expertise of surgeon.
  • Geographic location of your provider.