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Few reason and solutions on under eye dark circles treatment:

Under eye dark circles treatment are not a serious skin problem, but it makes you look tired. Some of the reason behind the formation of dark circles are heredity, aging, working for long hours in front of the computer, mental and physical stress and lack of sleep. You can easily get rid of this problem by using some easy home remedies. Almond oil will help fade your under eye circles. Cucumbers have skin-lightening and mild astringent properties that helps to have a soothing...


Steps to maintain proper body alignment:

Practice getting into a Neutral Spine Position when the pelvis, rib cage and skull are aligned on top of each other, preventing overload in the spine. Every movement activates the core muscles. When we're in alignment we will have more balance and less stress on the shoulder, hip, knee and spine joints. Physical therapists can help in training, balance exercises and stabilization techniques. When it comes to proper body alignment, keeping down your weight can have benefit...


Few slimming tips to be achieved in our lifestyle?

Kolors weight loss Successful slimming is to be achieved by subtle changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Put your knife and fork between mouthfuls, sip water with your meals and take smaller bites. The slower you eat, the less you’ll want. Banning your food is a fire way to make you crave them. A food diary will enable you to identify which foods/drinks you need to have a bit less when you’re likely to over-eat. Successful slimmers tend to make exercise part of th...


How to protect your skin from sunlight?

One of the important methods for your skincare is to protect it from sunlight. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, spots and other skin lightening problems which may also increase the risk of skin cancer. For complete sun protection use sunscreen lotion generously, and reapply it every two hours. Avoid contact with sunrays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If your shadow is shorter then the sun’s rays are identified to be strong, so avoid being out in the sun during that time period. Cover...


Why should you undergo body correction at Kolors instead of hospital?

It’s simple they are painless and don’t require post operational rehabilitation. They don’t cause psychological stress and help to relax and even rest. Best figure correction is perfect for all those who want to change their body shapes. You can reduce your tummy and hip even without liposuction. There are various safe and effective slimming ways. Stop picking up difficult methods of body correction. Kolors procedures are safer and painless compared to surgical interventions. S...


What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is the medical term given to the shedding of dead skins from the scalp. It is also known as scurf. It is common knowledge that the cells in the body are constantly renewing themselves. In the case of the scalp, the old skin is pushed out on the scalp and expelled. They then fall away naturally. It is also another means of ‘skin shedding’. In individuals with dandruff, the rate of production of the skin exceeds the rate at which skin naturally dies. As a result, more skin ...


How to Reduce Weight and Be Healthy

Kolors weight loss Weight gain, figure correction etc are some of the terms we hear every day. With increasing affluence, people have become more body conscious and want to look good as well. The constant bombardment by the media of movie stars and the toned bodies they flaunt adds to envy. Further, there is much peer pressure as well, to look good and be a part of the ‘gang’. But what is the meaning of ‘fat’ and why do people consider themselves so? Is their assump...


Does a Six pack Abs Mean a Healthy Body?

In any movie, it is a common sight to show some skin. The latest trend is the hero in a movie showing off his six pack abs and the other ‘cuts’ in the body. Many are carried away by this. But is this the right trend? If an individual flaunts a six pack abdomen, does it mean that a person is healthy? What are the best ways to achieve this and is it worth at all? These and more are the many questions that cross one’s mind. But before we jump to further thought, the answer is c...


What is Coolsculpting?

Kolors weight loss Stubborn pockets of fat are ever present as ‘love handles’ and as fat in the lower abdomen. They resist all exercise and are a sore sight to a fit individual. How can this fat be eliminated? Is there a safe and non-surgical method to remove this fat or do I simply have to live with this? Will there be any side effects if this fat is medically removed by liposuction? Is liposuction necessary at all? These are some of the common questions confounding any indivi...


Healthy Weight Loss – Is it really possible?

Kolors weight loss Oftentimes, many people want to lose weight and get ‘back in shape’. Weight gain may be due to a number of factors like lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, medication and the like. This urge to lose weight is often a driving force in the lives of many individuals. It is a constant source of tension for them and they try to go to any limit to achieve this! But what exactly is the correct weight for an individual? How ...


What is Male Baldness and How to Prevent It?

Male pattern hair loss is known by a number of scientific terms including male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia. It has been scientifically proven that this condition affects about 70% of men and 40% of women all over the world. But what exactly are the causes of this condition and how can it be prevented? The main process begins with the thinning of hair and a receding hairline. Hormonal changes, ageing, stress, improper diet and a host of other factors cause the specific patterns...


What is BMI and what are its Implications?

Body mass Index, otherwise called BMI is the key indicator of estimating the total fat content in an individual’s body. Before we go into the implications of BMI, we must first understand how to calculate BMI, what exactly the concept of BMI is and how it is useful. BMI in simple terms is a ratio. It is arrived at by dividing the weight of an individual in kilograms, divided by the square of the height in meters. BMI = Weight of the individual (in kilograms)/ [Height of the individua...


What is Skin Care and How to Care for Your Skin?

At first look, the heading may look a little puzzling. What is skin care and how to care for your skin? Do they not mean one and the same thing? Come on stop fooling around you may say. But on looking closely, there is a subtle difference between the two. It is more so with the method that is adopted. Skin care in generic terms refers to the various long term and short term treatments to the skin, including exfoliation, use of creams etc., while caring for the skin basically means the precaut...


Rising Obesity in India

Kolors weight loss India is one of the world’s most populous countries. Even though India is a developing country with high levels of poverty and malnutrition, it is surprising to note that India also has one of the highest numbers of diabetic patients. Further the number of obese people and those with cardiovascular diseases is also increasing year on year, as highlighted by the latest medical research and data. What exactly is obesity? Obesity is a condition where there is excess b...


What is Obesity?

Kolors weight loss Obesity is one of the most serious health problems in the world, as has been proved by recent medical research. But what exactly is obesity? Obesity in medical parlance is a condition wherein there is an excess accumulation of body fat, consequently having an adverse effect on the individual’s health. The adverse effects include increased likelihood of various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and respiratory problems, orth...


About Kolors services:

Kolors weight loss Kolors healthcare India pvt ltd and beauty centre is a warm, friendly place to have all your beauty needs taken care by professionals. We are committed to bring revolution in service standards and enhance your expectations. Kolors is assorted with 11 years of experience in wellness industry, with many testimonials of successful and set-up of new service standard and wellness orientation. We use high range of products, as they are essential for maintaining day to day styling...


Kolors dieting plans for Women:

Kolors weight loss There are thousands of women who have looked and felt better than ever before, as they have tapped into the secret to fast weight loss success from kolors healthcare India pvt ltd. As hormone levels changes, many women begin to notice bulges in their body where there were none before. Kolors healthcare India pvt ltd understands the challenges that women faces when looking for a diet because they utilize the most modern technology, they are able to reach those women who...


Weight loss treatment

Kolors weight loss Red meat is a rich source of protein which helps to build muscle as it actually increases the appetite. Most people are unaware of this effect of red meat, as it has been used as a low-calorie protein source during dieting. A recent study has discovered that consuming excess red meat can actually stimulate appetite, to lose weight fast. The study concluded that red meats high iron content suppresses the hormone leptin in the body. Leptin is the hormone responsible to tell t...


Learn how to walk straight to maintain your body alignment.

While walking keep your head high, chin in, shoulder blades slightly pinched together and abdomen gently pulled in to maintain your body alignment. Keep your feet straight not to one side. Keep your knees slightly bent instead of putting one foot in front of the other, and keep your feet a few inches apart, lined up under the hip on the same side. Hold the rail while climbing up and down but try to avoid pulling yourself .Be very careful while going downstairs as a fall could cause severe injuri...


Steps to be followed to maintain a proper body alignment:

First of all one should know how to move, sit and stand properly which helps you stay active. One of the most important ways about body mechanics and posture is alignment. Body alignment refers to how each part of your body relates and line up with the other. Proper body alignment helps you have a good posture. To maintain a proper alignment we should avoid having a slumped, head-forward posture, bending forward towards the waist, twisting of the spine to a point of strain, bending forward while...

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