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Learn how to walk straight to maintain your body alignment.

While walking keep your head high, chin in, shoulder blades slightly pinched together and abdomen gently pulled in to maintain your body alignment. Keep your feet straight not to one side. Keep your knees slightly bent instead of putting one foot in front of the other, and keep your feet a few inches apart, lined up under the hip on the same side. Hold the rail while climbing up and down but try to avoid pulling yourself .Be very careful while going downstairs as a fall could cause severe injuries. Keep your feet flat and shoulder-width apart from one another. Unless you’re using one hand for support, let both your upper arm touch your ribs on the sides. As you bend, keep your back upright, straight, and your shoulder together. Do not bend over the waist since it puts your upper back into a rounded position which can cause broken bones in the spine. Even while brushing your teeth try not to bend over at the waist. Instead, bend at the knees and hips while keeping your back straight.

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