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Steps to be followed to maintain a proper body alignment:

First of all one should know how to move, sit and stand properly which helps you stay active. One of the most important ways about body mechanics and posture is alignment. Body alignment refers to how each part of your body relates and line up with the other. Proper body alignment helps you have a good posture. To maintain a proper alignment we should avoid having a slumped, head-forward posture, bending forward towards the waist, twisting of the spine to a point of strain, bending forward while coughing, sneezing or lifting. Some exercises can also do more harm than good. While sitting in a chair keep your hip and knees at the same level by placing your feet flat on the floor by maintaining a comfortable posture. While reading, set your reading material on a desk or on a pillow on your lap. Rest your foot when seated for long periods of time.

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