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How Diet Plays a Crucial Role in Weight Loss

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Weight loss regimens are exercises in themselves and once an individual gains weight, it is difficult to shed the same. Even setting aside the cosmetic aspects of weight loss, it is important that a good BMI (body mass index) be maintained for a healthy life. BMI is the ratio between the individual’s weight and height. Based on this calculation, one can deduce if an individual is in the right range, overweight or obese.

When getting into a weight loss regimen, it is important that the approach be correct. Every individual case needs to be thoroughly analyzed before a regimen is formulated and diet really plays a crucial role in weight loss.

The logic is simple. The number of calories consumed is what is burnt by the individual during the normal day to day activities. However, when the intake of calories is in excess of what is consumed, the excess is deposited in various parts of the body as bulk. Hence, it is important the diet be closely linked with lifestyle, if an optimum weight needs to be maintained.

Many people undertake crash dieting exercises by reading material online or trying to analyse by themselves. This approach is wrong because, although diet plays a crucial role in weight loss, it is not completely the case. There are a number of associated factors, all of which need to be carefully considered.

AT Kolors, a complete set of experts individually engage with customers, in order to develop a holistic plan. In this, all aspects of the individual, right from lifestyle to the aspirations and medical condition are thoroughly considered before a final regimen and diet is formulated.It is important that individuals engage only with the correct weight loss clinics and professionals, as otherwise, the repercussions can be monumental.

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