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Why Your Hair Needs Daily Exercise?

Exercising on a regular basis is the key to hair growth, nourishment, and lots more.

We usually associate the benefits of physical exercises and a fitness regime to a healthy body and mind. But, you would be pleasantly surprised to know the many advantages that your 45 minutes of walk or run, or an hour of yoga, or just about any physical exercise, has for your hair.

Hair Growth:

You’re well-aware of the fact that when you exercise, you sweat, and through sweat, toxins and waste substances are flushed out from the skin’s pores. This helps in giving you fresh, glowing and radiant skin. But did you know that when you sweat from your scalp, it unclogs hair follicles, which gives space for the growth of new hair? Well, now you do.

Hair Nourishment:

Exercising also increases blood flow and circulation, which boosts the flow of nutrients and oxygen and thus nourishes the hair. When you exercise, the oxygenated blood rushes antioxidants to the hair follicles and destroys free radicals before they can damage your hair. A few exercises are as good as getting an oil massage. They open clogged pores, increase blood circulation, and relax and rejuvenate you completely.

Release Stress:

The body produces cortisol, the stress hormone, when you are stressed. This doesn’t only affect your body adversely, but plays on your hair follicles, too; the effects of which are thinning of hair and hair loss. When you exercise, you are increasing the levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone, which help you deal with stress and also lower the cortisone levels in the body. And, thus, takes care of your hair.

Improved overall health and fitness:

When you exercise on a regular basis, you are strengthening your cardiovascular system, staying away from ailments, and are just healthier, in general. And, when you are healthy, it affects your hair growth and health positively. The healthier you are, the better it is not only for your body and mind, but also for your skin, nails, and hair, of course.

Boosts cell regeneration:

When you are in a deep slumber, your cells regenerate and there is an increased production of new cells and a slower breakdown of protein. Your hair is made up of proteins mostly, and proteins are essential for cell growth. When you exercise well and on a regular basis, you enjoy a nice, peaceful, deep sleep night after night. The better your sleep, the better is the cell regeneration and renewal. All this comes together to make you healthier, and as we know, when you are healthy, every inch of your body, including your hair, is moving in a positive direction.

Let improved hair growth and nourishment be some of the many reasons why you need to exercise on a regular basis.

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