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Does a Six pack Abs Mean a Healthy Body?

In any movie, it is a common sight to show some skin. The latest trend is the hero in a movie showing off his six pack abs and the other ‘cuts’ in the body. Many are carried away by this. But is this the right trend? If an individual flaunts a six pack abdomen, does it mean that a person is healthy? What are the best ways to achieve this and is it worth at all? These and more are the many questions that cross one’s mind.

But before we jump to further thought, the answer is clear. Having a six pack abs does not mean that one is healthy or fit. In fact, a six pack abs cannot be used as a criterion for judging the fitness of an individual.  Overdoing to achieve a six pack can cause detrimental side effects, breathing and back problems at worst.

The main concept of a six pack abs revolves around the percentage of fat an individual has. Thus, if a person under eats and is extremely lean, it is possible that with a bit of exercise, his abs be seen. But the truth is that the person is absolutely weak. The main point is that as individuals, we are unable to regulate where the excess fat in our body is deposited and from where exactly it will be shed first.

  Thus in searching for this, people lose their minds and their health in the long run. Many a times there is excessive fat loss at the face and upper body. This gives a very unhealthy look to the individual. It is seriously depressing when one is trying so hard to achieve a six pack abs and friends and neighbours ask if one is healthy and well!

Many wellness clinics have come up which help individuals gain a sic pack professionally and safely. Not only do they offer this service they also offer weight loss treatments, comprehensive weight loss programs and regimens, skin care, hair care and the like. With a proper diet regimen, an excellent trainer to boot and facilities and proper planning, it is very much possible to achieve a six pack abs and stay healthy. This route is the one that is most commonly adopted by cine stars and other professionals, since they have the time, energy and money to completely concentrate on this aspect.

But nowadays, the fad is catching on and many individuals have enrolled themselves in various fitness and wellness centres to kick start a healthy lifestyle. While the intention may be to try and achieve a six pack, they gradually are educated on the pros and cons of the same and in the end, become more fitness conscious and less body conscious.

Overall, the verdict is clear. A six pack abs definitely does not mean a healthy body or a sign of good fitness. It is merely a way to show one’s ability to work out and stay disciplined. Let us take a clear pledge to stay healthy and fit. A six will follow along the way!

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