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Healthy Weight Loss – Is it really possible?

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Oftentimes, many people want to lose weight and get ‘back in shape’. Weight gain may be due to a number of factors like lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, medication and the like. This urge to lose weight is often a driving force in the lives of many individuals. It is a constant source of tension for them and they try to go to any limit to achieve this!

But what exactly is the correct weight for an individual? How to lose weight and get healthy? Is there a healthy way to lose weight at all?

The question of whether one is under weight, in the correct range or over weight itself varies from individual to individual. But the unifying factor in identifying the condition is by means of body mass index or BMI. BMI s a scientific value obtained by considering the weight and the height of an individual. A BMI over 35 indicates obesity and a BMI below 18 indicates a malnourished state.

Now that one is over 25 in BMI, how is one to lose weight and get back to the healthy range? Is crash dieting an option? What are the pros and cons of the same? Is there any advantage at all with all this?

Crash dieting is definitely not the answer. Contrary to popular perception, crash dieting can also increase craving and lead to overall weight gain in extreme cases. Further, when one goes into a regimen of crash dieting, one is starved of essential nutrients. These can in turn cause brain and heart damage in the long run. Further, it can also lead to eating problems like anorexia, depression and irritability. Thus, an individual stands to lose more than to gain by undertaking and believing in the miracles of a crash diet.

Many a time, irreversible damage is caused to one’s health. When protein intake is minimal, as in the case of crash dieting, the body goes to extreme ends to make up for it. The notion of survival comes in and the body breaks own protein from various organs to compensate. This leads to irreversible damage. The skin also loses its suppleness and begins to sag. Thus what started as a method to achieve a certain ideal spins out of control.

The best method to achieve a healthy weight loss is to link hands with a good wellness clinic. Under the expert care of dieticians and medical professionals, there is a genuine opportunity to attack stubborn fat, without losing one’s mind or money! A plan is made after studying the individual’s body make up and a regimen formulated accordingly. Careful monitoring and continuous attention ensures that nothing untoward can happen.

A healthy weight loss is really possible and it all depends only on the individual’s approach and attitude to the same!

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