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What is Male Baldness and How to Prevent It?

Male pattern hair loss is known by a number of scientific terms including male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia. It has been scientifically proven that this condition affects about 70% of men and 40% of women all over the world.

But what exactly are the causes of this condition and how can it be prevented?

The main process begins with the thinning of hair and a receding hairline. Hormonal changes, ageing, stress, improper diet and a host of other factors cause the specific patterns to develop. Thus, the causes may be environmental or even genetic. Balding causes self-esteem to take a hit and may contribute to decreased performance and anxiety issues. Each hair present has a specific growth cycle and when the growth cycle begins to slow down and weaken, the hair follicle shrinks. Further premature hair fall also causes the hair line to recede. In some men, there is a single bald spot. In others, there is a pattern like an ‘M’ and in many others, all the hair may be simply gone!

The best method is to take heart to the idea that prevention is better than cure. Every person has a unique hair condition and the best strategy is to formulate a tailor made solution. The basic fact remains that hair needs to be washed regularly. It is important to avoid aggressive agents and shampoos containing sulphates and parabens. Further allow hair to dry naturally. Avoiding artificial agents and dyes is also very important since they cause dryness and split ends. Avoid repeated styling, as it again causes the hair to become weak.

It is important that one avoids magical pills and ready-made solutions that promise a lot of things. Many do not deliver and are touted by quacks. Further, they may also cause adverse side effects by interfering with the hormonal system. The Internet and any men’s health magazine are filled with miracle tales and stories of wisdom. But these are not to be trusted.

Various hair care clinics are available, who ensure that the best treatment for scalp hair is made available. They also deliver laser hair removal solutions, treatment for hair re growth and new hair growth. Detailed regimens are formulated to arrest hair fall and deliver a holistic solution to achieve healthy hair. They also add value by delivering an anti-dandruff treatment. A healthy diet also goes a long way. It is important to avoid a knee-jerk reaction to hair loss. It is best to avoid trying too many things at the same time. This will then not only cause side effects, but also wholesale confusion as to what caused what.

Hair transplants are the latest innovation and robotic hair transplants ensure that a solution is delivered without any scarring. It is also a quick, efficient and pain free method. However, it requires an expert hand, good preparation and counselling. It may also turn out to be expensive in certain cases and the solution may not be assuredly permanent.

Thus the approach to baldness and its underlying treatment needs systematic investigation and it is only with proper help and attention that the cause can be rectified and maybe even eliminated.

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