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What is Skin Care and How to Care for Your Skin?

At first look, the heading may look a little puzzling. What is skin care and how to care for your skin? Do they not mean one and the same thing? Come on stop fooling around you may say. But on looking closely, there is a subtle difference between the two. It is more so with the method that is adopted.

Skin care in generic terms refers to the various long term and short term treatments to the skin, including exfoliation, use of creams etc., while caring for the skin basically means the precautions taken to avoid skin problems including protection from the sun, paying attention to fragile areas like the eye contour, protection from agents of external stress like pollution, smoke etc.

Another question that may arise is why is skin care so important? 

Skin care is not a new concept. It has been prevalent since ancient times and written records exist of various treatments and regimens in Ayurveda. Even the ancient Egyptians had well documented accounts of various regimens.

Scientifically speaking, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and is the prime protection against all infection and pathogens. The skin also provides insulation and plays an important role in the synthesis of vitamin D amongst others. The skin provides sensation and plays a key role in keeping the body hydrated.

When this barrier is strong, then there is no chance of any infection. However, when harsh soaps and cleansers etc., are used, then the skin is affected. Further, conditions like scarring, premature ageing, hypersensitivity etc., can be avoided by good skin habits and care. Beauty and skin care always go hand in hand. However, with advancing age, the nature of the skin changes continuously. Hence, what care may apply at the age of 20 may not apply for an individual who is 40.This is mainly because the rate of collagen production decreases. With the busy lifestyles of today, skin care is becoming extremely difficult. Further, polluting elements as well as pollution has increased drastically. Hence, it is not possible for individuals to pay attention and take good care of the skin.

Given all the above factors, how is it possible to take care of one’s skin? What is the best advice one can get for one’s own skin type? What are the creams to use and what is to be avoided? How can we get the best dermatologists to consult? This is where the role of a skin clinic and wellness centre comes in.

A good skin clinic and wellness centre not only concentrates on hydrating and moisturising the skin, but also on overall wellness and beauty. A specific skin regimen is formulated based on your skin type and special treatments like under eye dark circle removal are also available. Other services include acne treatment, treatment for wrinkles, dark spot removal and pimples.

Skin care by itself has, in fact, turned out to be a huge business today. It is only by due diligence that the best skin clinics can be found and only they can offer the promised results.

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