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Rising Obesity in India

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India is one of the world’s most populous countries. Even though India is a developing country with high levels of poverty and malnutrition, it is surprising to note that India also has one of the highest numbers of diabetic patients. Further the number of obese people and those with cardiovascular diseases is also increasing year on year, as highlighted by the latest medical research and data.

What exactly is obesity? Obesity is a condition where there is excess body fat and the BMI of a person is over 30. When the BMI is between 25 and 30, the individual is said to be overweight. BMI is in turn calculated by dividing the mass of the individual by the square of the height. Being obese increases the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and a number of other adverse health conditions. It reduces life expectancy and is now recognized as a major preventable disease.

What makes the trend of obesity alarming in India? Indians have traditionally had a sweet tooth and indulge in eating sweets and other high calorie items. Nowadays with the explosion of the software industry, lifestyles have become sedentary and many individuals do not exercise regularly. When there is no exercise, the calories that are taken in are not burnt. This is converted to fat, resulting in persons becoming overweight and obese. Increased prosperity, access to cheap junk food, an unhealthy lifestyle lased with alcohol have all contributed to this rising trend. No wonder, 70% of urban people in India are either obese or overweight. The trend is alarming in the case of children and teenagers as well. With the digital invasion, individuals stay up late nights and prefer playing video games to actually getting some fresh air.

The best method to tackle obesity is to recognise and accept that condition, take responsibility and work on it. It is only possible with proper diet control and exercise. While bariatric and other surgical options are available, it is only advised under extreme medical condition. Crash dieting is also not advisable, as it leads to other problems of its own!

A number of wellness clinics and slimming centres offer various slimming and inch loss packages. A good treatment focuses not only on weight loss, but also on weight management. They offer various non-surgical and holistic treatment regimens that are formulated exclusively for an individual. Further, they also help in body sculpting and figure toning. Thus, if one is unable to be bring oneself to a disciplined approach, the best method is to seek medical advice and subsequently enrol in a weight loss centre or a slimming centre.

Obesity in urban India is thus a major challenge and it has to be tackled at the grassroots level. Right from schools and colleges to universities and workplaces, the idea of the nefarious effects of obesity needs to be spread. Concentrated efforts are being made by various NGOs and the government. However, real change happens only when an individual makes the correct choice.

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