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Obesity is one of the most serious health problems in the world, as has been proved by recent medical research. But what exactly is obesity? Obesity in medical parlance is a condition wherein there is an excess accumulation of body fat, consequently having an adverse effect on the individual’s health. The adverse effects include increased likelihood of various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and respiratory problems, orthopaedic problems and, in some cases, cancer. Whatever the case, it is undisputed that obesity leads to reduced life expectancy.

How do we know if a person is obese or not? Can it be deducted from appearance only or is it something else? What is the difference between being obese, being overweight, being normal and being underweight? These are some of the common questions asked and here is where the concept of BMI comes in. BMI is defined as the subject’s weight divided by the square of the height. If the result of such a calculation is a value between 25 and 30, then the person is overweight. Any value over 30 means the person is obese.

The main reasons for obesity include an energy rich diet and a lack of exercise, genetic predisposition, endocrine disorders, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, side effects of medication and psychiatric illness. In the recent times, there has been there has been an increasing trend of this condition worldwide. It has emerged as a key challenge and a major public health problem.

The main way to tackle obesity is by exercise and diet regulation in most cases. In extreme cases, surgery may be involved. In any case, it is best to get proper medical advice to treat this condition and avoid any resulting complications. By regular physical activity, the body is able to burn the calories. Further, it also ensures that all systems function correctly. When the hormones and the endocrine system function effectively and there is good metabolism, then the weight of an individual naturally falls in place. Obesity is thus a preventable condition.   

A number of weight loss programs have been touted by various slimming centres and weight loss clinics across the world. The best weight loss plans do not concentrate on crash dieting or excess exercise. They deliver a holistic weight loss solution that concentrates both on weight management and weight reduction. By crash dieting, there is an increased risk that an individual develops health problems, develops allergic conditions and vitamin deficiencies. Oftentimes, the goal of actual weight reduction is not achieved as well. Cool sculpting and mesotheraphy treatment are also touted as some of the options available.

Hence, what is required is that individuals make a correct choice and perform good due diligence before signing up for weight loss programs. While obesity is a major public health challenge, governments are also taking steps to ensure that this is tackled. It will be interesting to see how the situation evolves in future, but there is no doubt that we have a serious issue at hand!

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