Dark Spot Treatment

Dark Spot Remover Treatment At Kolors

Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the skin. When melanin secretion is in excess in some localized regions of the body, then it leads to the formation of dark spots in those areas. Dark spots range from light brown to being completely black. They are often painless and can occur in any part of the body including neck, hands, legs etc.

The exact cause for black spot on face is not yet known. So it is generally assumed that ageing and frequent sun exposure, are leading causes of dark spots. Any dark spot removal treatment, whether by using lasers or creams, thus must be formulated considering the age, lifestyle and a host of other factors.

The Kolors Advantage in dark spot removal treatment

At Kolors, a wide variety of dark spot removal treatments are available, this can be from the use of lasers and radio frequency to the use of skin peels, lotions and creams. With deep insight, we analyze one’s unique condition and body constitution to deliver a treatment best suited to their lifestyle. Thus we help you achieve a fresh look and a smooth skin tone. By hydrating the skin and stimulating collagen production, we ensure that the side effects of any black marks removal treatment are negated and you get real time benefits.

Dark Spot Treatment FAQ

- Excess Melanin production causes dark spots on Skin. Too much stress, excess exposure to Sun, pollution etc. are some of the reasons leading to excess production of Melanin causing dark spots on Skin.
- Kolors provides Advanced Dark spot removal treatment customized according to your skin type. The expert Dermatologists would analyze your Skin type and suggest the best solutions.
- Kolors Dark spot removal treatment will help in the removal of Dark spots, however regular skin maintenance and suitable sun protection should be used to have a clear skin.
- Kolors Dark spot removal is the safest skin care treatment done by experienced Dermatologists who analyze the Skin condition, before suggesting best Skin care options along with Customized solutions.