Anti Ageing Treatment

Anti Aging Skin Care Center

The ageing of skin is a completely natural process that often accelerates with time. However, in some cases, skin can start ageing prematurely due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to excessive sun exposure, stress, adverse lifestyle habits and hormonal imbalances. The increased pollution levels encountered nowadays also contribute directly to premature ageing of skin.

However, Kolors has the right solution! Ageing of skin, either prematurely or over the passage of time, can be combated with effective and customized anti-ageing solutions, which is the specialty of Kolorsanti-aging skin care treatment.


At Kolors, we thoroughly understand your concerns and are committed to enhancing your overall quality of life in every aspect. Our anti-ageing skin care treatment combines the use of peels; gentle exfoliates and gels with the best anti-ageing specialists& experts who work to deliver a more youthful appearance amidst an enchanting and truly luxurious settings. Kolors provides thebest anti-ageing skin caretreatment which is a true epitome of our philosophy to provide outer beauty, inner wellness with a truly rejuvenating experience at every touch point.

Highlights of the anti aging skin care treatment delivered by Kolors

  • A holistic approach to skin care that considers all aspects of an individual’s personality, career demands and lifestyle habits.
  • Completely customized programs
  • Use of totally safe agents and peels.
  • No adverse or long term side effects.

Anti Ageing Treatment FAQ

- Aging is lack of Collagen production from within the skin cells resulting to loss of elasticity, firmness and glow. Aging happens due to internal and external factors such as dust, everyday pollution, exposure to sun etc. Other factors could include progress of age and so on.
- Kolors offers the, most advanced Anti-aging treatments that help in reversing the Aging process. A detailed analysis is done by the skin experts to customize the right option based on your skin type. This helps you to achieve a younger and radiant skin.
- There are no adverse or long term side effects of the treatment.
- One can see visible results within 7-10 days. Post treatment skin should be well-maintained as this helps to keep the skin firm and supple and also gives your skin a gorgeous look.